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Why 10Web is the best all-in-one managed hosting for WordPress?

10Web Fast Managed Hosting for WordPress

10Web is a managed WordPress hosting powered by Google Cloud. They are popularly known for their sophisticated platform that truly automates everything needed to successfully run a fast, highly-optimized WordPress website.


10Web managed hosting for WordPress offers the most advanced cloud hosting with the most intuitive and easy-to-use platform packed with cool features. Here are the top features we like about 10Web that we recommend the platform to our clients or anyone that comes to us for WordPress hosting advice.

  • Powered by Google Cloud
  • Intuitive and user-friendly management dashboard
  • Automated migration
  • Automated 90+ Pagespeed optimization
  • Sleek 10Web Website Builder with AI
  • 50+ awesome plugins
  • Very reliable backup solution
  • Great 24/7 customer care & support
  • Great review on TrustPilot

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Actual GTMetrix Tests

Astra + Elementor on 10Web

Actual GTMetrix test result snapshot of a newly installed Astra demo website using Elementor. The demo is a full WooCommerce website.

No optimization done – just setup hosting and WordPress, install theme & imported the demo.

Test Setup on 10Web Hosting

Note: Test website may no longer be live as this was done on a trial account only.

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Divi on 10Web

Impressed with the result, we went ahead to test Divi on 10Web. We love Divi but it is also known to be slower than the competitors. It’s very popular so we couldn’t pass on testing it with 10Web hosting.

Again, no optimization done – just setup hosting and WordPress, install theme & imported the Sushi Restaurant demo layouts. No plugins installed for Divi demo.

Divi on 10Web


Note: Test website may no longer be live as this was done on a trial account only.

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Why we love 10Web managed hosting?

We’ve all been there! We Google search the best WordPress hosting in the market, read each blog post, and study each recommended hosting. We then get the one that we think is best for our purpose only to be disappointed later on in the process. Nowadays when it comes to building websites, fully-managed, all-in-one platforms are all the rage for giving users all the tools needed to build a website from scratch without having to worry too much about the technical aspects that come with it. 10Web is a relatively new service that strives to be the all-in-one WordPress website building platform.

It was created by the Web Dorado team who created plugins like Photo Gallery from WD, Google Analytics WD, Event Calendar WD and Form Maker from WD. 10Web platform offers all the important components for creating your WordPress website.

What do you get when you use 10Web?

Speed-first hosting infrastructure

10Web uses the most latest, advanced, and sophisticated architecture tech in the market today, such as PHP7+ and working on to support PHP8, LXD containers, Nginx, that will guarantee scalability, data isolation, and constant user availability.

Solid, secure network

Aside from tight-knit security, 10Web has everything you need to ensure your business website is super secure, including SSL security, attack detection, uptime monitoring, etc.

Next generation infrastructure

When you use 10Web you are using cutting-edge technology that will help you scale your speed, scale you website and ultimately scale your business with ease.

Google Cloud-powered network

The main engine behind the awesomeness of 10Web services. Because of this the platform can rely on Google Cloud for its security, speed and reliability. Currently, 10Web has 8 data servers allover the globe.

All website essentials in one, super easy-to-use dashboard

Even for the non-techie user, 10Web’s management dashboard is the most intuitive yet very easy to use. For developers, freelancers and agencies, the platform will help improve productivity by allowing them to manage all assets in a single dashboard.

Automated migration of your site

10Web’s site migration is fully-automated. With just a few clicks, everything is moved for you. We have tested this multiple times and the process is really smooth.

Automated 90+ Pagespeed optimization

The sleekest feature of 10Web managed hosting for WordPress is that the components are optimized among each other and you can run them in one single click. It means Google search will love your website so much to give you up to 95+ Pagespeed score. Of course, due to the variability nature of the web, there are cases that migrated websites will not get the 90+ PageSpeed score because of factors like external scripts, large images, large JS & CSS files, and a large quantity of plugins. However, if your PageSpeed score is lower than 90, you can contact their amazing support and they will assist you.

Sleek 10Web Website Builder with AI

10Web’s website builder with AI assistance is next-level. Based on Elementor, the builder makes it super easy to migrate or copy a website over to 10Web and customize.

50+ awesome plugins

With this alone, you already get your money’s worth. Save money with all the powerful plugins 10Web includes in their hosting solution.

Very reliable backup solutions

Easy to use and manage. Say goodbye to worrying about your data.

Great 24/7 customer care & support

Imagine a customer support that will help you optimize your site if it can’t get to 90+ pagespeed score. You can’t get that anywhere – only in 10Web.

Don't take it from us

10Web has excellent reviews and customer feedback on TrustPilot with 4.8/5.0.

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