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Speed Optimization Success of Muscovado.PH

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Muscovado Philippines was facing a difficulty with the speed optimization of their main website The website was taking a long time (almost 9 seconds) to load in continents where their target customer is located. It has been previously established from former studies that for commercial websites the faster the loading speed, the better conversion rate. Knowing this fact, they have been looking for experts and professionals who could sit with them and help them resolve the speed issue of their site as it is hurting their search ranking. The company was referred to us by a common friend.

After a few discussion with their digital marketing manager, they signed up for our “Perform Plan“. Our team immediately get to work on onboarding their website unto our perform management plan and did intensive audit.

Challenges We Faced

After two (2) days of intensive study of the site structure, we have understood the structure of the website how it loads the pages and all components. We have found and pointed out the reason behind the slowness of the website. It wasn’t just one of the usual issues all other websites face. By analyzing the website thoroughly, we found the knot. That’s right! Several huge images were being load simultaneously everytime the site is requested. It was the main reason why the site is taking a long time to load and in turn, it was slowing down the loading process of everything else on that page. So, what could we do? Could we replace the large images with some low-resolution, small dimension images? No… Being a product presentation-based website, it is a must that high quality product images are kept. So, enhancing the loading speed of the website without cutting down or replacing the high quality images was indeed a challenging task.

Adding to the challenge is the shared hosting they are using. They are not willing to migrate the site as they have already paid for the next 3 years of the hosting. We understand that 80% of the optimization is dictated by the server. With this, we have no choice but to continue with the speed optimization and do the best we can for the remaining 20% optimization window.

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The first thing we always keep, whatever the fix is – the look and feel of the website should not be compromised by any means. In order to achieve that, the best solution was to optimize these images with lossless compression, convert most of the images to WebP and serve them using Content Delivery Network solution.

Yippy! Now we could see a tremendous improvement in the loading speed. Initially the loading of the web page was taking more than almost 9 seconds. After implementing the changes, the loading speed has come down to only 1.3 seconds. The feeling was incredible. We have seen an 85% of increase in the loading speed.

The snapshots of report that depict the difference in page loading speed before and after optimization are shown below.

Before Speed Optimization

GTMetrix Muscovado Philippines Before Speed Optimization

After Speed Optimization

GTMetrix Muscovado Philippines After Speed Optimization

Client Satisfaction

Upon seeing and experiencing the remarkable change in their main product website, page loading speed, Muscovado Philippines is completely satisfied and happy that they signed up on yearly basis for our “Perform Plan”. The team at WP Superhero is so grateful to Muscovado Philippines for the opportunity for us to help the company achieve its vision. This is just the beginning, keeping the site up and running at optimal speed is a never-ending process. Our team of WP Superheroes are on 24/7 shift to keep an eye on the websites under our care. This is part of our commitment to all our clients.

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Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

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